Update on the 17.04.2013 to the current situation on the Gold market together with our partners Partnern Rometsch & Moor Ltd. in London: Update (Deutsch) - Englisch.

Where is the Austrian gold? 'Interview with UN 03/12/2012 at home, unfortunately, no mention of the fact that our National Bank since 1991 'wasted' over 50% of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices. The majority of the sales of over 11 million ounces (340 t) gold is likely to have occurred at rates less than 400 € / ounce, equivalent to today's gold prices, a loss of almost € 10 billion!
The top 21 cities of our website visitors in November 2012 - the top 21 destinations of our visitors in November 2012 so far - quite international, we are impressed! Here is the list ... 

We are pleased with our SUNARES-advertising and sporting role model David Obernosterer over the initial placement (97th) among the top 100 in the world badminton rankings by 24.10.2012. David, well done, go on like this!

SUNARES funds in the first place last August. On Citywire in London of 128 funds in the sector Equity Natural Resources A beginning our quest would be made ​​...

We may now present on 21.06.2012 at our new website SUNARES www.sunares.com, with current quotes, charts and information. We hope you will come visit us here regularly! Udo Sutterlüty & Colin Moor

Citywire presents her 39 Euro Stars of over thousands of fund managers. My partner and I include Colin Moor since June 2012 and the select circle of Euro Stars by Citywire for Specialist Equities.

German Masters of StarCap, one of Germany's best international stock funds the past 10 years, holds the top postion SUNARES funds as the end of May 2012!

SUNARES funds as of end February 2012, the number 1 in Austria in the Natural Resources Sector Fund (Performance 3 years - Source: LIPPER) on www.citywire.co.uk

05/03/2012 - SUNARES funds compared with a selection of the biggest and most popular fund (JP Morgan, BlackRock, Carmignac, Allianz RCM, DJE, Erste Sparinvest ...) (from the Natural Resources Sectors / commodities over the last 3 years 6.3 .2009-5.3.2012). Source: Bloomberg

23/02/2012: Attention, gold price breaks out upward of U.S. $ (in euro). Recommend to all re-read our February SUNARES report last week: '! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines' (What a timing!)

One of Germany's top bullion dealers, Rhein-Main precious metals presents us on their website. Highly Recommended right below our report, the interview with the sadly recently deceased, but much appreciated, Roland Baader.

SUNARES funds, gold & silver third since the end of Quarter of 2011 to 27/01/2012 (Source: Bloomberg) completed outbreak - 'Which one is the most dynamic?'

Investors on the stock exchange in Germany are still asleep! Little turnover in SUNARES funds for over 2 months after bottoming out and upside breakout. In 2010, it was similar to sideways movement in the first half, as the turnover on the stock exchange only significantly increased, as we had already risen above 30%. (Source: Bloomberg) Thus for all early bulls a good omen, little turnover in SUNARES funds, the bulk of the retail investor is still asleep ...

Downgrading Austria warned to 'AA', SUNARES Report 11/11 is already 2 months ago '... this time threatens our AAA status, the gradation from bella Italia ... '. We also expected a stronger CAD (+7.2%), AUD (+8.2%), USD (+7.4%) and gold (0%) since publication. The gold price suppression seems to work as the only still with the central bankers, see also last Friday, was down graded as half of Europe.

SUNARES funds already +10% in 2012 and 'knock' on the door of Abwärtstrendes since early 2011, comes finally to the outbreak? The Bloomberg chart including regression line shows upward trend since the end of 2008 and possibly stroke in good time to start?

Interview in the latest issue of SMART INVESTOR 01/2012 on page 42, 'bullish for precious metals and precious metals stocks'.

SUNARES Fund will receive the highest rating of 5 ***** Star MORNINGSTAR in the category: 'Global Large-Cap flex' for performance over 3 years (31.10.11).

SUNARES fund analysis from top German investor magazine SMART INVESTOR, current issue 11/2011 page 43

AA-Rating on Citywire.co.uk, SUNARES-Fund on rank 2 of 67 Equity Natural Resources Fonds;(Performance 3 years) on 17.10.2011. SUNARES-Fund tecnically on 17.10.2011 - still in upward trend, second regression (green line) kept (source: Bloomberg) - favourable time to buy!

Attention from today - 17/08/2011 - conversion of SUNARES funds price calculation to forward pricing by HSBC. Therefore, today there is no NAV calculation and from tomorrow 18/08/2011 again closing prices from today.

'The best sustainability fund? " - Peter Hermann from the German Fund Report ( www.the-fondsreport.de ) wrote a report about our SUNARES funds by 06.09.2011 

SUNARES Fund, same situation as in July 2010? See chart from Bloomberg as of 5/19/2011. Chart with regression lines since the low point in 2008, upward trend intact, but falls under 2 Standard deviation, time to catch up again?

Silver first time since 1980 over 40 $ (+32% ytd), who comments and month in recent months has just read our interviews is well prepared, they remain 'strong', as we in SUNARES funds ...                                                            

'Welcome to the age of the Black Swans!' , my guest article in the SMART INVESTOR, April 2011, p. 40                                                                                                'Still unknown, but with top performance: SUNARES! ... Its own Far Eastern philosophical thinking and the clear exclusion of derivatives and financial securities is unusually driven. The experienced Fondsmanagerduo, the fund's assets, the previous performance and strategic direction to the above sectors are clear advantages. For the new kid on the block (SUNARES funds) we may issue a buy recommendation ... ' ( 'The Fund Analyst' from 7.3.201, 5th Edition)                                                                                                                     'The Fund Analyst' in Freiburg (D) is dedicated to us in his 5th Edition of 7 March 2011 his last two pages (7 & 8) - we could hardly describe yourself better!   

REUTERS-Interview with SUNARES-Cofondsmanager Colin Moor from 21.02.2011: 'Commodities rally still has a punch SUNARES' 

German Masters award for funds of funds and fund manager Lars Kolbe from Star Capital, current Fact Sheet February 2011 SUNARES funds as the top position.
Interview on e-fundresearch.com from 01/28/2011 - SUNARES in a "brave new world "- 2011?
SUNARES Fund is No. 1 in Germany (out of 74 funds) sector Natural Resources with + 67.50% Performance for 2010 on www.citywire.co.uk.
The experts 'Business Week' hold the equity funds, Sustainable Natural Resources (SUNARES) for a promising investment, the finanzen.net on 12/21/2010

My interview with Citywire-London on 8.12.2010 regard oil price developpment: Oil price: can it continue its rise in 2011?              

Also in England SUNARES-Fonds was number 1 in November with + 16.3 % - caused an interview with REUTERS of my partner and Co-Fondsmanager Colin Moor...                                                                    1st ranking of 8045 equity funds on Onvista per 6.12.2010 (1 month),   1-monthperformance +20,53 % - our SUNARES-Fund takes off!

2. Place of 7888 shares funds to Onvista by 26/11/2010 (3 months) 3-month performance +31.40% - our SUNARES funds through!          SUNARES funds on Bloomberg, + 42.87% ytd as of 10/11/2010, Highest Ranking (Top 99, 1 is lowest) for 1 month and 1 year ytd, Category: equity funds worldwide.       

SUNARES funds to www.onvista.de the number 1 (105 funds) in shares Ethics, Sustainability, Performance 1 Year +51.24%% (09:11:10)    

SUNARES funds again in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (November 1, 2010) among the 10 best global equity fund Global Small / Mid-Cap Equity (3rd place).  

SUNARES funds to a new all-time high in euro (Bloomberg chart per 14.10.2010), broke up over the 100 € barrier! All of our investors are positive on the 10/14/2010, which stock may be limited to say that?                                                                 

SUNARES funds back to its issue price of € 100.00 reached by 10/07/2010, the-time-high at € 100.61 All is tangible near. Also one of the best performing stock funds in Germany loves us, the German Masters by StarCapital - Fact Sheet 2010-10.                                                          

SUNARES funds to http://www.onvista.de/ the number 1 (106 funds) in shares Ethics, Sustainability, Performance 1 Year +45.14% (29.10.10)                                                                                                                    

SUNARES funds creates New All-Time High (converted to our 2nd home currency English pounds) - Start on 03/04/2008 for £ 76.70 on 21.9.10 at £ 83.48 - see Bloomberg chart! (The all-time high fund-Original currency EUR is not far - € 100.61 - and even that soon we should create!)                    

SUNARES fund manager Udo Sutton & Colin Moor in Top 5 U.S. Equity Sector Natural Resource 2 years Fund Manager League Table: 31/08/2008 - 31/08/2010 on citywire.co.uk                                                                        

'Built on Wood' - SUNARES funds in German business week of 06/07/2010, Issue 23 - Comment : Kindly us , the German Wirtschaftswoche a page ( 114) dedicated and we are pleased that they have added to the list of winners at the small portfolio . SUSTAINABILITY regarding divorce often the spirits among the mainstream media and our fund managers. The latter try to anticipate the future successfully , and sell the other, a good story .

But I can assure you that will be when the right time has come again to invest in new and alternative energies, we also fund the SUNARES again have a higher rate of them , as is the case now. Currently , however, music plays somewhere else , as you have probably already noticed , where gold rushes in EUR to new highs every day already , and our entire monetary, financial and banking system in the ' hanging ropes '.

This is possibly the success of SUNARES to move within EARTH and WATER " benchmarkless "to be able , without taking into account trends, opinions , views and current events of the monetary and financial environment . from shares in the range of GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM To AGRICULTURAL , WOOD and PAPER of FOOD , BEVERAGES and TRANSPORT, GAS , OIL, COAL and PIPELINES , up to RARE EARTH, LITHIUM and electric, to alternative energy SOLAR, WIND, GEOTHERMAL to the area of high-tech sector EARTH and WATER for consumption and / or EFFICIENCY - improvement.

Through their ground , most of these industries are often 'dirty' , where one makes the hands very dirty and take some negative environmental influences in purchase. My opinion is that when we strengthen those industries with more equity they have in the sum of all in a better position their production to more cleanly 'and' sustainable switch ' and so is our Mother Earth far more helpful than a few thousand additional sales of hybrid cars (see also ' ecological rucksack '!) . The fact that we that we in wood , paper , energy and need something to eat , so we need not discuss . But we can also still put the money into ETFs in which the financial wasteland is the big winner , and thus may support the last true 'clean' business in the WALL STREET with chic Armani suits and billions more derivatives . The decision is yours , where you invest your capital in the future - in hot air, or what kind of dirty hands to touch it ?

SUNARES fund further Breakout the top line of resistance over 90 € on 7/4/2010. Fund +149.7% since the low point at 21.11.2008 (€ 36.66).

                                                                                             Attention: SUNARES is now also traded on the Hamburg Stock Exchange.       


Presentation of the two SUNARES fund manager Colin Moor & Udo Sutterlüty in the new HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt Bank(Map) in Luxembourg, Monday, 12/4/2010 at 15.00 clock. And external stakeholders and investors are cordially invited to attend. Login to use us or HSBC Trinkaus Luxembourg (www.hsbctrinkaus.lu).

The German investment company STAR CAPITAL, Recently rated by the magazine Capital, with the highest grade 5 *****-, 'is' on our SUNARES funds. He is their top position in her excellent equity fund of funds German Masters, A fund manager is Lars Kolbe.

TheWALL STREET JOURNALentwines our SUNARES funds in its edition dated 21.1.2010 for the past 2009 to first place (1-YR + 118.83% Performance in USD - "Funds that invest primarily in the equities of small-and mid-cap companies around the globe '.)

SUNARES funds again the No. 1 on Onvista - only 'three-digit' funds 100% Performance 1 Year(Equity ethics, sustainability) Performance 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 years and YTD in original currency and in euros.

The past year 2009 and Outlook 2010 from our partner company, and Co-Fund Manager SUNARES Rometsch & Moor Ltd., London.

At the end of our successful SUNARES fund the upside breakouton the resistance line at 80 euros! Performance as of 28/12/2009 + 86.75% ytd, but still about 19% lower than our starting price 100 € from 4.3.08, ie because there is still a lot of potential.

SUNARES funds now in our Egg home with up to 50% reduced fee!

Commentary on e-fund research: 'Warning - Gold bubble ahead in 2016! " , 9th December 2009

SUNARES Fund plus 78.28% in 2009 number 1 on Onvista (Nachhaltikeitsfonds-Etik - Performance in Euro (current year and 1 year) as of 14/12/2009

SUNARES Fund is No. 1 in Germany! In the category - Equity Sector Natural Resources Canada was able to fund our Natural Resources Fund by 68 for 1 Year Performance (30.09.08 - 30.09.09) place the best fund.

'Yes that's me, the little-known Austrian fund manager 'who beated Europe's biggest fund manager stars .. Citywire Fund Manager Rating Agency, London (last paragraph)Udo Sutterlüty mentioned as the best of 949 global fund managers for the last 6 months (24.07.2009 - List of Top 20)

Interview with Citywire, London, 'Time to ride the bull of the' crack-up boom ', 30 July 2009

+ 89.48% ytd - the global equity funds managed by Udo Sutterlüty - WALSER Portfolio Vision - Last quoted price on the 27.4.09 and Merger with him also WALSER portfolio of European stocks managed at 28.4.09

Interview in the year-end edition of the German commodity mirror 27/12/2008 http://www.rohstoff-spiegel.de/count.php?url=rs_2008-26.pdf(Page 13-15)

Financial world in the financial - stranglehold - Page 14-16 in the press report by Udo Sutterlüty ECHO Vorarlberg first news magazine in December Issue 08

SUNARES funds again in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (November 1, 2010) among the 10 best global equity fund Global Small / Mid-Cap Equity (3rd place).   

SUNARES funds again in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (November 1, 2010) among the 10 best global equity fund Global Small / Mid-Cap Equity (3rd place).   

SUNARES funds again in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (November 1, 2010) among the 10 best global equity fund Global Small / Mid-Cap Equity (3rd place).